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      I’m using Adobe Pro 7 and using a Sony DVCAM DSR-11.

      Using a firewire connection I plugged it in and captured about 3 tapes worth.

      After which I placed the capturing aside and had to restart the computer.

      When I tried to capture once again…there was no image sampling that I could see and it couldn’t find the time code…all zeros.

      I tried another Sony DVCAM and it worked when I first plugged it in, then, restart, and nothing.

      I can control the DVCAM with the play and stop buttons using the program and not the physical DVCAM…but that is about all I can do…

      So I’m wondering what I could do to fix this?

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      Its happened to me. I cleaned the heads on the deck and it helped

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      That would be my question also, how many hours on the deck since the last cleaning?

      You could also check the Firewire cable or try a different one.

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      Why are you having to re-start? Did you shut down the capture software before having to shut down? Have you installed any new software lately?

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      I don’t think it has anything to do with the heads needing a cleaning…I’ll give it a try though, just in case…I think it may be more of a software problem…? because like I stated two different tape decks worked but then after the restart of the computer system they both no longer worked.

      there wasn’t a problem with the restart or anything just a reboot of the system after a shutdown for the night or wanting to give my computer a rest from gaming or something like that…no problems otherwise.

      I haven’t installed any new software lately either, I thought that too…thought it may have even been a virus or something crazy like that but it wasn’t…I’m clean

      Although now that I think of it I don’t think I shut off the tape deck (sony dvcam) before the shutdowns. Could it be something crazy like that?

      I did shut down the program like I would have normally would have done.

      this weekend I’m going to try and pick up a camera to see if that helps with the uploading of my tapes…


      thanks for all your replies

Viewing 4 reply threads
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