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      I am a newbie and recently purchased a Panasonic
      Palmcorder..nothing fancy…however, I have tried and tried and my PC will
      not recognize my DV…I first started with Sonic which was on my computer…then I went to Movie Maker…now I purchased Adobe Premiere
      Elements 2.0…and it doesn’t recognize my DV either…what I have read with
      the help menu on Adobe PE 2.0 is if you are connecting thru USB 2 you need
      a Video Class 1 Driver…I have again looked and looked and cannot figure out or find out what that driver is…I am not very computer savvy….just
      a Mom trying to take her old cassettes, record them on to DVD (that is a nother problem issue) as well as
      take the new videos from the DV and edit them and come up with a better
      showing of family videos. Can someone help…I keep reading about fire wires and perhaps that may solve my problem. But again, that is another investment, and I am concerned my PC will tell me the same thing.

      I know the computer shows the DV thru the USB…I believe it lists it as a
      removable device….but I never can find them in the editing programs. There is one issue though when I use Moviemaker…if I turn the DV to
      webcam the Moviemaker program recognizes it, but all I get is the audio
      and no video.

      I am getting very frustrated….please HELP :'( [/list]

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      Heeeeey! You’re capturing DV using your USB connection?
      There’s nothing wrong with your software. Use Firewire! If you don’t have a Firewire port on your mobo already, get yourself a PCI Firewire card for some $ 15, and a cable, and that’s all there is to it.

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      SVHS has it right. A Firewire is standard equipment in digital video world.

      They come in a few sizes just like USB does, so look out. There are 4-pin and 6-pin configurations. Most DV cams have a 4-pin input on them. So we want a Firewire with one end that fits a “4”. But computers have 6-pin OR 4-pin attachments. Depending on your computer, you’ll want to ask for a “Four pin- to- Four pin Firewire”, or a “Six pin- to- four pin Firewire”

      Happy shopping


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      Hey guys I kinda have the same problem… I have an HC42 (pretty good one) and capture images at 720 res, but when transferred to my computer to watch it.. on 720 the image is great.. but when i change it to full screen it gets crappy… or whenever i burn a dvd and watch it on my tv (plasma digital) the image gets crappy too.. any ideas??

      btw.. I use firewire to transfer the vids

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