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Hey Video community.

I'm trying to get some suggestions for software that can record my onscreen pc actions. This will be used for creating tutorials. This software will record all my onscreen actions which allows me to display a visual demonstration. It's like taking a live moving screenshot.

I'm able to find programs online but just trying to see if you guys are using any programs or if you have suggestions.


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Camtasia Studio is commonly used for this.

Bruce Paul 7Squared Productions

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I'm using CamStudio for my production work, thoughit will only allow me to record in 16-bit color, and it sometimes lags on my computer but not a terrible amount to where the frame rate matters.

If you're just shooting the screen (with little movement), you'll mostly be fine, but if it gets to where you're shooting countless powerpoint animations, then I'd recommend what Bruce said and get Camtasia Studio.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. Very helpful and what I needed.

Thanks again!

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The best software to capture computer screen and similar to NLE video software is Camtasia studio. Also you can mix video or export to your NLE software. PIP, sound and captionsyou can do near all you dream. Adobe Captivate can do the work combining Photoshop and captivate presentation. You can download a full working demo for Camtasia and Adobe. Also Demo Builder is a great software.