capture hdv through cs3 into pc

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      which format may use to cupture Hdv camcorder through adobe premire pro cs3

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      You need a firewire connection to your camcorder. In Premiere Pro when you create a new project, it will ask which capture format you want to use. There are several HDV options so it would depend on which camcorder you used and what settings you had selected for the camcorder. Typically you would use HDV 1080P30 or HDV 1080P30(60i). If you are not sure, try both.

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      Once you’ve gotten your footage captured into Premiere, convert it all over to uncompressed .avi or .mov. Open a new project and pull the converted footage into the new bin(s) as needed. Raw HDV footage is a pain to work with when it comes to Premiere. Your project load up times will decrease dramatically and render times will decrease also. Both Premiere and AFX have issues working with Raw HDV. I know because I’ve hassled with it before until I figured out to just convert it. Yes it is an extra step in the workflow, but the time it will save you in load up times and rendering will be worth it.

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