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      I have beern trying to get Vegas 8 to recognize my Canon XFA1 in HDVmode but no luck.

      The same cam is quickly recognized in another program, “HDTV Split”

      Is there some trick I don’t know? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks

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      Some say to start your cam playing first …then your editor’s capture…never had this prob but sawthis answersomewhere

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      Some camcorders require you to switch to VCR (playback) mode in order to stream video via FireWire. There are even some cases where certain video camcorders are not supported by the editing software.

      If you cannot import your video with Vegas, use the other program to capture, render, and save your files so that they can be imported and edited with Vegas 8.

      — I’ve recently had experience with updates and patches that improve the editing interface (somewhat) and also cause certain features to blow up. Some of my PiP animations saved and appeared in the wrong place the next time I loaded my project. I highly doubt that this is the case with your software, though.

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