Capture DVD like analog source.

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      Many timeswe want to capture just 10-15 seconds or just 3 minutos of a DVD. The typical option is to rip the WHOLE DVDwhich can have maybe 2 hours and with a “medium powered computer” will take a whole day to capture all this in AVI using Pinnacle Studio 12.1, just example.

      Why should I capture the whole DVD when I just want to have one specific section (of 2 minutes for example) to insert on another production.

      (Hey, notice that I UNDERSTAND the copyrights issues… but I am talking about a technical issue.)

      I heard about programms/softwares which can capture only exctracts, sections of a DVD. But what if i try to do it like VHS capture? If I connect a “domestic” DVD player to a CONVERTER (like Canopus AVC) and from there to the PC via FireWire? With this I could make real time capture (in *AVI) and select only the sections I want.

      Another thing regarding this: Video Quality. Will I see the good quality like when I rip it? Or the quality is supposed to decrease? What could happen? Or if decreased we will not notice the difference unless we have MAGNIFIC eyes?

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