Capture a ‘still’ from an RCA plug?

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      I didn’t know where to ask this question so I’m posting it here hoping someone can help?
      I have a borescope tool which has an RCA output so images can be recorded on VHS tape. Can anyone inform me as to whether or not there is an easy way to capture a ‘still’ image directly from this plug? In otherwords I do not want to record the image to tape but would prefer instead to be able to capture the video image with a digital camera as a still, a jpg. This would avoid the laborious task of recording it to tape, capturing the image with an editing software so on so forth. So here’s the question: Is there an easy way to capture an image from a borescope probe as a still, when the only connector one has available is an RCA plug? Thanks

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      Unless I am missing something the answer seems to be quite simple ( so I’m probably missing something).

      A USB/ RCA capture device should do the trick.

      We use Pinnacle Studio with a USB capture device and after the video is captured, there is a feature that allows you to grab a frame

      and save it as a picture.

      Works great!

      God Bless
      Min. Rick

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      if you dont have a capture card, you might try capturing an image off your monitor.
      use shutter priority (tv) set a shutterspeed of less than 1/30 sec, and use a tripod.

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      Hi, I really appreciate having gotten some answers. Okay here’s the problem. All this is happening at work and we’re not into doing movies and stuff. The idea is to get this done with minimal equipment. We don’t have capture cards so we’re trying to keep this as simple as possible. I do video work as a hobby which is why I’ve been approached for ideas. Now, I’m asking the question.
      Our inspectors have a ‘borescope’ probe which permits them to see in very tight spaces using a small monitor connected to the only output from the probe which is an RCA plug.
      The problem is when Inspectors spot something they want to take a picture of. They don’t want to invest in equipment.
      We know there are borescopes out there which will do what we want but is there a solution in using what we already have. I agree with both solutions Rick and ;0) gave but is there another way? We don’t want to go the capture card method because it means investing in a card then training people and we get into a situation which demands us to control who has access to the PC, then the Union gets involved and it all becomes a huge hooha. Taking a picture of the monitor isn’t a bad idea since it’s quick and involves the least equipment. The quality of the image might not be up to par however, since the pictures will be attached to e-mails and may need to be very clear! Any other ideas?
      Hey, thanks for your help so far!

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      fortunately for me, I have the option of plugging an rca video feed into my older sony camcorder and (in vcr mode) and captureing the video through firewire to my laptop. I could then record, playback, grab a still image right off my hard drive….
      I don’t know what low cost alternative would be available to you….

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