Can't get DVD-R to play on anything

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I recently got a homemade dvd-r from my mother-in-law from Jordan. (I live in the US.) I have tried playing the dvd on my computer, 3 dvd players and my xbox360. No luck, all it says is no disk on all of the dvd players I have tried using. I've tried using different programs on my computer such as windows media player, avs, lvc ( I beleve that's what it's called) and real player. Nothing works, is there anything I can do? Or is it a hopeless disk?

Replies are much appreciated! Thank you!

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Most likely a bad disc? Could be the PAL/NTSC difference - but I am not sure if computers should have much issue with that. I have played PAL files on my computer just fine in the past.

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Could also have something to do with "regional codes" as well as the PAL/NTSC and there's even a third one out there called SECAM. The other fact of the matter is that it could simply be a bad burn or otherwise defective.

As far as determining what the DVD has been recorded in, probably you'll need to connect with someone locally who has a means for making that determination and it is most certainly beyond my pay grade, sorry.

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When you put it into the computer, instead of playing look at it in File Explorer - What is the directory/file structure look like?

Is it something similar to this:


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Agree with Birdcat check if the DVD contains files of any description. Trust the following may assist.

Jordanoperates on thePAL B/G sytemand DVD's from therewill play on either a multi system DVD player or computer drive. Even if that DVD was playedon a NTSC or SECAM player, jumbled lines would appear on the screen, with audio scrambled.

Most common problem with DVD's from overseas and friends is when they are recordedon a DVD player, they are not FINALIZED at the completion of the recording. This means that whilst they will replay on that original recorder/player they will not replay on any other DVD player. Regards