Can’t find Blu-ray with Lightscribe discs

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      AvatarMoab Man

      Considering making the jump to offering Blu-ray for some of my projects. However, I prefer to use Lightscribe to burn the image on the disc rather than a sticky label. Unfortunately I can’t seem to locate any discs in say a 25 or 50 pack. Anyone have a source they know of?


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      They don’t exist yet

      Currently, LightScribe media is available in CD-R, DVD+R and DVD-R. Dual Layer LightScribe media will be available in November, but Blu-ray LightScribe media is not currently available. Consumer demand will determine the future availability of new media formats. We encourage you to provide your feedback to your favorite retailer carrying LightScribe products. The media brands such as Verbatim, Imation, HP, Memorex, and TDK are the ones ultimately making the decision on what formats to offer, please see the following page for updated information.

      This is mostly because of demand and I bet Sony’s firm grasp on the format doesn’t help much either.

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      AvatarMoab Man

      Thanks. I thought they existed because one place was selling a 200 pack of Bluray and an accompanying Bluray/Lightscribe burner. Reading into it further the discs are not Lightscribe.

      I guess my only option is sticky labels grrrr!

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