Cant decide HF10 or HV30

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      Hello all

      I am looking to pick up one of those two camcorders, but I am having hard time in deciding.
      I have tried the HF10 at our local Fry’s Electronics, with my own 8GB memory card, I recorded about 3 min of footage, took it home and opened it in Premier CS4 (which now supports AVCHD without any conversion needed).
      What i have found is alot of pixeling, tiling, especially when zoomed in.
      Now, I believe I was recording in 30 fps mode.
      With that, I really am no impressed with the quality.
      However, after reading all the reviews etc I think I am doing something wrong, so any suggestions please, will be very much appreciated.

      As for HV30, I have been using MiniDV tapes for some time now with my current Canon Optura Xi, and I know what it takes to move it onto the computer (I use Windows) to do the editing etc.
      I am looking to step into the HD video which is why I am considering the upgrade.
      I have not tried the HV30 since I dont have it at home so it would be hard for me to transfer the video onto my PC to check the quality of it.

      So my questions are:
      Am I doing something wrong with the HF10 and recording, which is why I am getting tiling on the video?
      Which camcorder should I choose? HF10 or HV30 (keep in mind I do have powerful PC and Adobe CS4 Master Suite)

      Thank you for any suggestions.


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      Me? Personally, Id go with the HV30 for both true HD quality and a known (in both our cases) quality and post requirements understanding via the MiniDV tape acquisition route. It takes more time, but quality, as you note, is the issue.

      If I had $8k, even $4k, I purchase two of the new Panasonic 150 solid state recording AVCHD units in a heartbeat, especially now that Final Cut Pro is compatible for editing that format (I am a Mac user), but I dont.

      And, in order to move into the HD zone sooner economically, rather than later, I am most likely going to continue to target the HV30s until, and unless something in the same, or close, price range happens. First, however, I am using available investment funds for upgrading my computer and software to the latest iteration, as I will need this to maintain HD quality level of production.

      Then, the cameras. Most of our productions are two-camera shoots, so my first position is what price range and quality camcorders will allow me to most quickly acquire a working pair of the same model and brand?

      Wish I had the knowledge of your platform and software to better respond to your other concerns.

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