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      Hey whats going on my name is Josh I’m a new member… I just bought a Canon ZR900 off the walmart site because they had a deal going for a camera with a camera case, and MiniDV cassette tape for 189.00 with shipping it was 214.00… The reason I bought it is because I’m going to Chicago next weekend… Now my question is knowing that its starting to get colder here in South East, Michigan what are some precautions to take once I take my camcorder out of the box this is in regards to to condensation…

      I had a ZR800 I was very happy with it but it got wet when I was out of town at a biker rally when some jerk driving a water truck decided to spray the party barge I was on with water… So with that said I’d like to know extra maintenance precautions to take… I loved the ZR800 so much that I wanted to buy the 900 was gonna but the 950 but I’m on a tight budget and I needed a camera at the lowest price I could find before I left for Chicago to do some videos in local cemeteries…

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