Canon XL2+Sony A1U+Panny PV-GS39=progressive or interlaced?

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      I am filming this Saturday, and for lack of similar equipment will be shooting with these 3 cameras. Now I know its silly to use a cheap Panny with the amazing Canon and Sony, but that’s another story…

      My question: The Sony has the ability to shot 1080i. However, we will be using the DV option instead of HDV. Does the Sony shoot progressive or interlaced in DV mode? Same question for the Panny – does it shoot in interlaced?

      As a result of that, should I set the XL2 to 30p or 60i, to best match the others?


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      Most likely they have options for either, but if their native is 30 interlaced frames (60 fields) or 60 progressive frames, they probably default to 30 interlaced frames in SD mode.

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      The Canon is the only one with options on framerate. None of the others have the choice of changing that. And I’m not sure what their native is, so I will have to take a look. But thanks for the help, and please keep it coming! πŸ˜€

Viewing 2 reply threads
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