Canon XL2 vs. SONY HDR-SR11

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      I need help deciding which one to get. I will be using this for weddings, birthdays etc… I know one is HD, but I know someone selling me his XL2 for $1300 and I also know someone selling his HDR-SR11 for $600. Please let me know. Or if you have any other camcorders that you would suggest. Thanks

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      I would love to move to the xl2. I guess one of the questions is…Do I want to delve into HD? You can still get amazing quality with SD, especially with an xl2. I am not as familiar with the HDR_SR11, but I would lean to the xl2 –

      And by the way – if you don’t go with the xl2, send your friend my way – I’d be happy to buy one for $1300.

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      Hey there,

      I would definitely go with the XL2 over the HDR. You have way more to work with on the XL2, as it is a professional camera. Plus if you are doing weddings and other projects with it, clients like bigger camera’s that look more proffesional. Not ones that look like a consumer camera, that you could buy at Best Buy.

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      I shoot weddings with an hdr hc1 and a sr12.

      I show prospective clients the last clients video, and have never been asked about equipment…..

Viewing 3 reply threads
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