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      I am thinking about buying a Canon XL1S. I just want to make sure that it adapts to a tripod in the usuall way (I had read something somewhere that made me want the check). Also, is there any reasons, besides the fact that it doesn’t have any XLR inputs, that I shouldn’t get it.


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      I thought I would give you my thoughts.
      I would very much reconsider buying a XL1. Heres why. Based on my experience with them they are crap, not everyone may think so but they are. I was on a shoot for a 48 hour film project in san diego and the assistant camera man (I was DP)had a Xl1 to mach my camera. It did not work, it was very bad, to be kind. We had to shoot in very low light and I thought it would work out, but when we saw our film on the big screen I was very embaressed. Bcause it handels low light bad, color correction was off and crapy skin detal functions. They are just vey old cameras and have been out dated for a long time. I would look at a dvx100 or at least a xl2 since they are newer.
      I just don’t think it will make you happy.
      I hoped this helped.

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