Canon XL1 OR Canon 600D

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      Hi Guys

      I’m new to the forum and I have done a search with nothing on the question I’m going to ask so if its been asked already or it sound dum then I apologize.

      I have been filming for about a year now on and off, using a Canon XL1 which I bought off ebay. However after a year I have noticed that most people swear by DSLR’s for video work and I have the chance of buying a Canon 600d.

      So the question is… Should I move on from the Canon XL1 which has been an excellent camera to a Canon 600d which is within my price range.

      Oh, I’m still experimenting by the way and film the odd documentary, Stop Animation and want to make short films.

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      The one big advantage of moving to the 60D is you are going from standard definition (XL 1)to 1080 HD.

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      Cheers Wayne, but I took the plunge and bought a Canon 600d today, so I now have both πŸ™‚

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      H i Wayne Could you please let us know how you find the Cannon 600D compared with the Cannon XL1

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      I’m not sure if that last question was for wayne or me and you just got the name mixed up?

      However, first impressions is that the 600D is far more moverable than the XL1 simply because of the size. Obviously the other plus like Wayne said is that the film quality is amazing.

      But saying that, its still early days and I do have a real soft spot for the XL1 because even though its SD, the quality is fantastic to say its over 10 years old.

      One bad thing is that I now have to fork out on new lenses and new bits of kit for the 600D, but I suppose thats part and parcel of buying new updated equipment.

      So, I’ll still be using the XL1 until I get to grips with the 600D, but I’ll keep you all posted.

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