Canon XL1 convert to SSD hard drive ?

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Is it possible to convert a Cannon XL1 to use an SSD HD I have one these cameras but it has a broken video tape drive, so instead of spending a lot of money on a repair, I was wondering if anyone knew if converting to SSd's or SD cards is feasable and how can it be done?

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I use a DN-60 to record to CF cards on my Canon XHA1 See

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"Is it possible to convert a Cannon XL1 to use an SSD HD?"


Nope. However, as Bruce suggested there are portable HDD and Flash Media recording devices that can bridge the gap. Main thing you have to have, is one that will allow you to record to the device via firewire. I can't think of any that would let you record via the RCA inputs. Here are some links to useable recorders:

Datavideo DN-60

Shining Technology CitiDisk Compact Flash Recorder

Focus Enhancements FS-200 Compact Flash Recorder

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I have a Sony VX2000 and I developed a problem with the tape mechanism. I considered the options that were mentioned; however, I decided against it for one reason the firewire 4 pin connector. I don't remember if that is what you havree on an XL1 but it is a poor connector. I have two Canon GL2s one has a fire wire port that is shot. Someone brought me a Sony PD170 the fire wire port was shot on that as well. I didn't want to spend over $1000 on a fire wire solution and then have the port die. What I chose to do is not ideal but it does work and it costs nothing. I plugged in my camera to a laptop via firewire and did a live capture. I did this over a year before I bought my HD cameras. Some of the newer Canons have the more robust 6 pin connector for firewire. I would have bought the external recorder if I had that connection. Gerry