Canon XHA1 60i vs 24p for fighting scene

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      I am going to film a fighting scene for my major project, the entire movie is shot in 24F (same as 24P) for a fast moving fight scene, should I go for 60i because of the fast pacing to make it more smooth and have better for slow motion? Would that make the video look weird, being the only scene shot in 60i? Or should it be ok, and recommended.

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      It really depends on the look you want for the movement of your actors during the fight scene. Slow-mo’ing 24p/f footage in an NLE will create a different look from footage shot in 60i. 60p/i will make for much smoother slo-mo’s, but that may not be the look that compliments the tone and feel of your film. There are other options like if your camera has the option to crank your framerate from 24 to 48 and then take a look at what that looks like slo-mo’d. Before you set your mind on something, do some quick tests with some folks on camera doing some of the movements from your scene using 24, 48, 60 frame rates. You can also experiment with the shutterspeed to get a look that works for you. Once you’ve shot your tests, put them in your NLE and see how they look at different rates of slow-motion. You’ll be surprised at what you get! Oh and mixing ‘f’ and ‘i’ frame rates will cost you extra time in the editing bay as you will have to deinterlace your ‘i’ (interlaced) footage to match your ‘f’ (progressive) footage. It will work, but you may not like what you get far as the way it will look.

      When you’re creating a movie, there are no ‘absolutes’ with what you must or must not use. There are rules, but they are quite flexible.

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      I wouldn’t shoot the whole thing in 24p, but you’ll get a decent fight scene when doing undersampling that looks close to 24p.

      I would only shoot 24p if you really despise interlaced.

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