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Canon XHA1

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    I have a Canon XHA1, i shoot in HDV 30p. when I capture the video back to my computer which is a Macbook Pro, i used firewire, my settings in FCP is to capture in HDV 30p 1440×1080, would it be better in the end to capture it as HDV Apple ProRes 422?

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    Transcoding to ProRes won’t increase your image quality since the image has already be subject to the in-camera compression, but it will hold up a bit better for color correction. It will also reduce rendering as well since you will be getting out of Long GOP compression and your graphics will render nicer too, assuming you will work in a ProRes timeline.

    Be aware that when you’re transcoding to ProRes during ingest through Firewire, the image in log and capture will appear to log behind the audio. This is normal and everything should still be in sync when you’re done capturing.

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    “getting out of Long GOP compression and your graphics will render nicer too”

    I don’t think rendering from the GOP will reduce the graphics quality. Rendering from ProRes will give you a much smoother editing time, but won’t increase your quality. If you have GOP, you have what you have.

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    Sorry, I guess that’s an unclear sentence. I mean that transcoding to ProRes will reduce rendering time, and transcoding to ProRes, which means you will be working in a ProRes timeline, will keep your graphics looking nice. Working in an HDV timeline will subject your graphics to 4:2:0 chroma sampling.

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    I will try this next time I am importing video, thank you.

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    and by importing I mean capturing.

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    Hi I have a Canon XHA1 and im wondering does anybody know if there is an adaptor you can buy to enable the camera to run off mains power?

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    Yes, if you bought your camera new, it came with it. The device looks like a battery in all dimensions but height – more like a plate you insert into the battery compartment. The device plugs into the side of your battery charger.  It's called the DC-920 DC Coupler according to my manual, page 154.

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