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      Just bought this camera and still pushing buttons but the manual is not too clear. How does one set this thing to record 16:9 ? As far as I can see I am still recording 4:3 no matter what setting I have entered. I guess I am just a dummy but I would sure be glad of some help ASAP. Thank you.

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      I have an XH-A1s also. If you are in 4:3, then the camera is set up for standard definition. If you are wanting to stay in SD, but shoot in 16:9, push your menu button, choose the Signal Standard option and it will give you a choice of: HD, SD 16:9, or SD 4:3. Choose the SD 16:9 option and you will be shooting in that format.

      If you are wanting to go to HD, then choose that option and it will automatically go to a 16:9 format.

      Let me know if this works for you.

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