Canon XH-A1 VS. Sony FX1 How to choose?

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      I went to a Camera shop and they told me that the Canon was better for indepent films because it can capture in 24 frames/sec and over all the picture quality is better. Then they told me it is possible to get a film look with the FX1. Even though it can not shoot in 24 frames/sec.

      The question here is…. Is the Canon XH A1 worth the $700.00 more than the Sony FX1. I am stuck choosing. I am aleady spending $3,000 what another $700.00 to make sure I am saticfied or Just save that $700.00 and deal with it. Plus thats $700.00 extra to spend on oth cool stuff.

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      Don’t mistake 24 frames with 24 progressive.
      Both cameras are 1080 60i. Not 720p or 1080p.
      Both cameras can shoot 24f and 30f but they use different ways of doing it -or so says Canon.
      I know from use that the Sony Cineframe 24 is very jerky and not worth much but Cineframe 30 looks great.
      I have not seen Canon’s work so keep that in mind.

      I have an FX1 and it is a really great camera HOWEVER if I were looking to buy today, I would lean towards the Canon only because it is newer. BUT I would get the FX1 if the price was right.
      The bottom line is the Canon can not do anything that the FX1 can’t do for the average user.

      If you think you need 24p because you are thinking you want the film like look from video, you can get that in post.
      If you really need 24p because you know you’ll film out you may want to look into some other options.

      You can shoot interlaced and film out too.

      My two cents.

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      Based on reviews I’ve read, I can believe that the Canon image is sharper. Also, the Canon has both stereo miniplug and XLR mic inputs, while the Sony only has a stereo miniplug mic input. On the other hand, the Sony has a larger LCD monitor (a feature I really like).
      Meanwhile, I’m wondering why only Panasonic and JVC seem to think progressive scan is a worthwhile feature. Ah, decisions, decisions …….

      My one cent πŸ™‚
      Ken Hull

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      Here’s a comparison of the two cameras, along with a few others…

      It looks like the Canon model has quite a few more features than the Sony model.

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      There are others out there. I typed in "compare Canon XH-A1 sony hdr-fx1" on Google and got several.

      The JVC GY-HD100 looks like it could be a contender as well.

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      You all bring up some great points. Thanks alot.

      Lets take a vote: My decesion chages day to day πŸ™‚ but right now after all I have heard I am going to say I am going to save $700. and go with The FX1

      Whats your votes?

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      Actually, the JVC GY-HD100 is only 720, not 1080.

      And I think I am going to go with the XH-A1 myself because of the XLR inputs and a few other features that the FX-1 doesn’t have.

      You just need to figure out which one has the features for what you want to do. No need to spend an extra $700 if you don’t need the extra features.

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      It is just too hard to say without knowing what it is you are looking for. What it is you want to do.

      To me the FX1 makes sense because it does everything I need it to do. And then some.
      I know I’ll never film out for the "big screen" so all of the 24p stuff is worthless to me because everything I do needs 30 frames a second.
      Only film runs at 24 frames a second. All NTSC is 30 frames and it’s funny when people sweat over getting 24 when all they will do is burn a DVD which will run at 30 anyway.

      When I’ve hooked up my camera to my LCD HD TV the images look outstanding in normal 1080i and when I’ve used Cineframe 30.
      Don’t let anyone tell you the FX1’s images are anything less than real HD because they really are true hi-def.

      Never having used the Canon, I can not say anything but do your research and get your information from FAIR and UNBIASED people and websites.
      Before I got my FX1 I had people telling what I needed and what this camera could not do – AND THEY NEVER USED THE CAMERA!

      My two cents again.

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      compusolver Wrote:

      I hope those "few other features" are worth over five hundred dollars, because you can get a Beachtek adapter for about $160 that will let the FX1 take XLR connections, plus it gives you easy to reach volume controls for each channel AND lets you use 1/8 or XLR for the right channel. I have a Beachtek for each of my three Sonys.

      I have one of those but have found they tend to make the camera bulkier and harder to use. That and sometimes I forgot to plug it in to the jack on the camera.

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      Yeah…I did a ten minute interview segment at an event once and afterwards realized that had forgotten to plug it in. That was a bit embarrassing.

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      ^^^ Or when you forget to turn the mic on after you’ve started to film…

      What a motley crew we are….

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      Thanks Guys,

      I am struggling with this same decision and I am (at the moment) opting for the Canon.

      My concerns were light level. 0.4 vs 1.0 LUX and zoom 20 vs 12.

      While I want mainly wildlife photography – thus in the day light and at distance – I do find myself in shadows – thus low light. My problem started with the Fx1 vs FX7. I’ve had my hands on an FX7 and I love it. I didn’t want to let go of that 20x. Not to mention the color and ‘Sony’.

      I’ve been a Sony guy since Betacam (still have a working one). I also have a consumer ‘Optura’ – a solid performer. So it is a mixed day for me –

      The A1 gives me more mag at less LUX than the X1. [Sony, are you reading this?]


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      I found a site that has videos of each camera in action.

      Here’s a link to the XH-A1 in action:

      Here’s the A1 in 24 frame mode…very nice video:

      Didn’t see any FX1 action clips though.

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      I did find a XH-A1, V1U, FX1 low light comparison…

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