Canon XH A1, Panasonic AG-HMC150/170, or JVC GY-HD110U?

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      I have been looking to upgrade to a new prosumer camera for taping live shows for rock bands and to create my own films with. Some things the camera would have to have are XLR inputs for taking input from a sound board, customizations for video details (like Gamma Curve, Colour Matrix, Knee, Black Press/Stretch, etc), long recording times, 3 CCD sensors, HD video (at least 720p), independent gain controls, and good basic video controls (Focus, Zoom, Iris, Gain, Shutter Speed, ND Filters, White Balance, etc).

      I have found some that I am interested in. The Canon XH A1, thePanasonic AG-HMC150, thePanasonic AG-HMC170, and theJVC GY-HD110U. If anyone knows what the quality of these cameras video capabilities are or have any suggestions for other cameras, feel free to tell me about it.

      A good thing to note is that I am using Final Cut Express for editing.



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    I would go with the JVC.

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    Any specific reason why? Like durability, video quality, customization, etc.

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    “I would go with the JVC.”

    I would have advised the same thing, but JVC just discontinued the 110 and the 200U cameras. Most likely their support for them will drop off shortly so I wouldn’t recommend buying a used one.

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    What about one of the others used?

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    Also what are the low light capabilities of any of these cameras?

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