Canon XH-A1 or Sony PD170

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      I’m looking to buy a semi-pro video camera and think I’m going to go with the XH-A1.

      I am fairly new to video, but learn quickly and have been messing with some borrowed hand SD cameras and the Canon HDV20.

      I’m leaning toward the Canon because of the HD capability, but am a little concerned it’s going to be harder to edit and manage. I have Sony Vegas Pro Audio 8. I hear the the PD170 is a reliable workhorse, and pretty easy to handle. I will be using mostly SD mode because I’ll be filming educational videos to uplad to the internet, but I’d like the capability to use HD down the line.

      I will be doing some band video taping, so like the low light capabilities of these camera’s, and also the XLR inputs for sound. The Canon is a little higher priced on Ebay right now (for new opened box and slightly used), but the PD170 isn’t really that much cheaper.

      My question is if anyone finds the editing and handlingof the Canon footage in Sony Vegas Pro 8 more of a challenge than with a Sony camera or SD camera, such as the PD170. (Also, is it easier in SDmode or transfering from HD to SD mode before editing?).


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      HiI’m also fairly new to this industry but I did an intensive research before I bought my camera over 4 months of research.
      I feel my 2cents worth would be: go for the Canon, if you think about it technology is not going backwards in time. I think if you buy a DV-only camera you will not be moving forward in time, the whole world is turning to HD. Although HDV is not FULL HD you have your foot in the door already.
      Also if that is not enough for you yet, the Canon XH A1 has the most manual controls of them all.
      I can also supply you with colour presets for the canon that will blow you away, Sonys or Panasonics in that price range cant do the presets for you. One more thing being in photography for over 10 years now, you cant go wrong with Canon lens quality and technology.
      Editing will be no problem, I dont know much about Vegas, but Im pretty sure you can play your DV or HDV (down convert) into any editing software and edit it with now problem.

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