Canon XF100 or Panisonic AG-HMC150 ?

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      Ive narrowed my video camera selection to Canon XF100 or Panasonic AG-HMC150.

      Ill be using the camera to film a fishing show for cable TV. Both cameras have received great reviews. Heres how the specs compare:

      Panasonic 3CCD vs CMOS

      AVCHD vs MXF files

      SD vs compact flash

      4:2:0 vs 4:2:2

      The XF100 is a newer camera (jan 2011), the AG-HMC150 has been out since late 2008.

      Any recommendations which one is better overall?

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      How’s the rolling shutter on the XF100?

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      In spite of all the pro/con comments and supporting statements that infer CMOS isn’t all “that” bad, I’d go with a CCD unit, budget permitting. Even if the HMC150 is an older model it’s an established tool of the trade and much appreciated among many pros in the business.

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      I have never played with the Canon but I really love my HMC 150 and it is fantastic in low light situations. Check out B & H Photo they have some really good package deals on them.

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      I know the price point you’re at right now and it’s a difficult one. The Sony NX5u is old and the NX70u is great, but a little short on “pro” features. However, like the Sony, the Canon XF-100 uses the came CMOS sensor (and basically the same lens) that they put in their $1,500 consumer camera. Have you checked out the Panasonic AG-AC130? It’s about $4,000 and should come out this month. It has a serious 3-chip CMOS sensor and a HQ 20x wide/tele lens, plus pro features the Canon doesn’t have. I think it’ll blow away both the Canon and the aging 150 (imo). I’ve decided to go with an NX70u, but we’re probably doing different things.

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      XF100 can record on two cards. i’m not so sure about the HMC150.

      because of the 3chip and newer CMOS and the 2-card recording, i’d go with the Panasonic AG-130 which is available now as i post.

      also on the same boat of deciding which to upgrade to. my 2-cents

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      We now have two of the XF100 cameras in our arsenal and love them – they have perform exactly as we expected with no buyer remorse. Next camera purchase will be the XF305.

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