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      Hi there–

      Just received my new xf100. I’d be inrterested in sharing thoughts with others who are using the xf100. I’m used to the xha1 so some of the controls on the xf100 can be…challenging.

      Reply offline if you wish as

      Bill Clough

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      Should receive two xf100’s this Friday – finally off back order and shipped my way.

      Bill, what NLE (CS5.5, Corel VSPx4, Vegas Pro10, ??) are you planning on using to edit the video files?

      After having a chance to test the xf100 I would be interested in what you thought about it.

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      Very pleased with the Canon XF100’s we finally received. Even right out of the box the camera is a winner hands down.

      Using Adobe CS5.5 Premiere Pro to edit – no trans-coding or converting required. We took the CF cards with the test clips on them from the camera, plugged the cards into the computer, imported the various clips to CS5.5 PPro, created a sequence and dropped it on a timeline – all in a matter of minutes.

      As of right now – we are very pleased with both the camera and Adobe’s Production Pro Suites’ ability to handle the XF100 MXF file format.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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