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      Which is much better, is it canon brand or nikon?…i’m planning to buy an slr but i don’t know which brand is much better… can someone recommend me what to buy? buy budget is between $800- $1k


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      both are real good, but I seem to come across more people who prefer Nikon for photography. The most important part isn’t necessarily your camera body though, it’s your lenses.

      A mediocre body with some great lenses will yield great photos.

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      I agree with Rob. I have used both a canon eos slr (film) and the nikon d40x (digital). The quality of the photo hinges on the lenses and the photographer. Find something in your price range, research the choices to see what features they have and go with it. Then save your money, because you’ll want to get more lenses and filters to improve your experience with them.

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      I’ve used Canon and Nikon pro cameras since ’90. Both are excellent brands. Used to be Nikon had the advantage because all lenses made by them would work with their later models. Ever since the Canon EOS series came out that advantage is gone. Both have consumer, prosumer and pro models all around in the same price range and Canon has a slight edge right now with their VDSLR’s and lens glass, but that can and will change at any minute.

      So unless you’re a ‘name-hound’ and want to be able brag about which brand of cam’ you bought, you can safely choose either or depending on what you want to do with it and how much you’re willing to spend.

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      can’t say I’d recommend one over the other.

      I shoot Pentax.

      Finding a system that works for you is a simple matter of finding out which lenses and features you need.

      Go to a place where you can TRY the cameras with the lenses you want.

      Sony has some new models (pellicile mirrored) that actually autofocus while recording video.

      Pentax has the advantage of working with every lens they ever made.

      I tried shooting video with a k-x and 50 mm manual lens, and manually focussing with an old lens is a pleasure compared to other video d-slrs I’ve tried. plus I have a comprehensive set of lenses….. so it’s a no brainer for me.

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      Canon – better glass.

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      “In the 60s and 70s, Pentax was a camera brand to be reckoned with. As with many companies, the kind of missed the digital age and currently playing catch up with Canon and Nikon.

      This does not mean that Pentax lenses are inferior to Canon or Nikon. In fact there are several lenses in the Pentax lineup that beat the big two. One great thing about Pentax DSLR camera bodies and the lenses are that old lenses can be use in present camera bodies. If you own Canon or Nikon cameras, you’ll know that some better quality lenses do not work with the lower range of beginner camera bodies.”

      “Most people look down on kit lenses but the18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Pentax kit lensis one of the best kit lenses from any manufacturer, period. This one takes all the features from the latest 18-55mm, and adds a water resistant seal. You can pair it with the weather resistant K-7 for a great all weather setup. It is lightweight and well made. One of the best value Pentax zoom lenses available.”
      “Pentax is often criticized as not having the same scope in their lens catalogue as Canon and Nikon. But in this article I’m going to show that the Pentax range is in fact distinctly superior to the competition. I should clarify here the type of photographer I’m addressing: not the sports fanatic with 10,000 to spend, not the fashion photographer whose camera never leaves a tripod, but rather the rest of us: street photographers, low light lovers, those who like intimate portraits, family photos, macro work and landscape photography, even birders and wildlife fans. For semi-pro shooters Pentax offers some singular pieces of glass in a system that provides significant advantages over the competition.”
      “This is, in fact, the single best distortion performance we’ve encountered since adopting the DxO system in 2005”
      “IN THE LAB

      SQF data showed sharpness and contrast in the Excellent range. DxO Analyzer 2.0 tests found only Imperceptible barrel distortion (0.08%), on par with the Nikon and better than the Canon”

      I think what Earl meant to say is that canon has a better marketing dept… and good glass.

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      in pop photo:

      the pentax 50 beat all the competition and was the least expensive.

      also due to in body sr, it was the only image stabilized of the fifty mm’s.

      face it all the top brands are good.

      you can’t make a blanket statement like:

      Better Glass.

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      The question and survey listed ONLY Canon and Nikon, thus Canon – better glass. And though the question essentially implied “which body” and had no actual reference to the lenses, I guess I might be out of line even there. However, considering that it is most likely a purchaser (and the original poster) would use the brand lens that is matched to the brand body, and having owned SLRs, a variety of Panasonic, Nikon and Canon cameras and lenses over my 61 years of professional life…

      …not conducting any tests other than my own and the results…

      Canon – better glass.

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      Good points Earl.

      I always assume when I hear the “What is better canon or nikon” question that we’re dealing with somebody that doesn’t know much about photography, and is getting bad information from a sales clerk that is simply trying to sell what they got in stock, or what the manager pushes with the best profit margins…

      I like to remind people that there are other brands that have much to offer…

      and many of the lenses and cameras are so close in image quality, you need specialized equipment to find the differences, and the magazines always play favorites with the big spenders at the advertisers desk.

      in other words if two cameras/lenses are so close it’s hard to tell which is better, the company that buys the most ad spaces wins.

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      those new sonys are worth looking at if you’re into video, the pelicile mirror design is a huge boon to af speed and accuracy if you use af in low light while recording video.

      nikon has a model that will shoot circles around everything currently available in low light.

      Canon has full frame models, with pro glass that really perform, if you got the budget…

      if you’re on a budget, you’d be a fool not to consider Pentax.

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      Really it comes down to what you want to do with the camera. Price is always an important factor for amateurs and independent pros, but necessary functions and capabilities are much more important than price. After watching “The Great Shootout 2010” I came to the conclusion that the current crop of DSLR’s bear a striking similarity to the old days of choosing what filmstock to use. Yes Nikon’s are very good in ultra-low light, but aren’t as sharp as the Canons because the initial models didn’t have 1080p capability (I do believe their latest offering does.) The Nikon’s also didn’t key as proficiently as the Canon’s did. Pentax and Sony were good but when it came to critical details, they didn’t stand up to the Nikon or the Canon’s.

      If you’re shooting and need specific capabilities, you’ll have to find a camera that does what you need to do. If you’re trying to find a camera that has overall good to excellent performance, right now the Canon’s are holding that spot.

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      I have shot with Canon SLRs since about 1972-73. I could not afford Nikon even though the “pro’s” were using Nkons at the time. I have never regretted using Canon’s (FX, FTb, F-1) and still use my F-1 every now and again.

      The edge used to go to Nikon (in the 70’s) due to having a tougher body. Both had exceptional lenses.

      At this point, I’d say Canon has the edge due to better lenses.

      If you used film, the QL (quick load) system on the FT & FTb spoiled you for life!

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