Canon Vixia HF200 MTS files incomplete! HELP!

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      Hi guys, I’m new here and to Canon Camcorders in general. I’ve been using the Canon Vixia HF200 for a short documentary and have been very happy overall. Now that I’m in the editing stage I’m starting to freak out as it seems as though my MTS files are cut off. i realize that the camera breaks the video files down to manageable 2mb chunks but my issue is when I try to splice these together in Final Cut(after converting them), there seems to be a tiny gap. i just got off the phone with Canon and they assure me that the files should be complete, that it’s a final cut problem, I’m not sure about this as I watched the two spiced MTS clips in sequence through VLC and still noticed a tiny gap at the beginning of the second clip. I’m terrified that I’ve lost a lot of useful footage due to these tiny sections being lost. Please tell me that this is a simple playback/editing software problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!



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