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      So I’m considering buying the Canon Vixia HF200 for shooting things like local soccer, the news, etc. (on a budget right now). Any thoughts or experience with the camera? These are probably obvious, but I just have a few questions:

      1. Can more flash memory be added? What’s the most you can add?
      2. Can the audio levels be adjusted manually?
      3. Easy to fit onto a tripod?

      4. Any good ad on mics?

      Thanks in advance!

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      “Capture outstanding high definition video directly to a removable SDHC Memory Card with the VIXIA HF200. It’s easy and convenient – you can then remove the card and place it into your computer or HDTV’s card reader slot for immediate viewing. You can also use higher capacity memory cards to further increase the video storage of your VIXIA HF200. It’s a fast and simple way to share your memories.”

      Canon info page here.

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      I own two of these cameras.

      1. I use San Disk 32 gb class 4 sd cards. Those are the only I recommend. I don’t think their is a limit on the size of sd memory but I do know that you shouln’t go higher then class 4 I believe.

      2. There are two options when it comes to audio. Option 1 is uncompressed, Option 2 well compress and make sure sound level don’t go out of control.

      3. Fits any tripod.

      4. I use the Audio Technica Pro-88w wireless. The receiver plugs right into the mic input on the camrea.

      All in all these are great introductory cameras. Canon lenses are awesome, they capture a crisp and beautiful picture. However, this particular camera does make colors a little more vibrant and unrealistic. Some people like that, some don’t. But you can tone it down within any NLE software.

      I hope this helps. If you have more questions shoot. Everybody here is very helpful.

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      Thanks for the replies, I’m looking to get one used from eBay.

      A few questions:

      1. How does it perform in low-light?

      2. Will it work with cards like these:

      3. How long can it go on a full battery charge and an empty SD card?

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      1. I can’t answer with specifics but I can say that it has performed decently for me. I shoot weddings and they tend to be dimly light and I still get great detail.

      2. I don’t think that that card will work. Here is what I use

      3. The stock battery fully charged will last 95 minutes. There are two other batteries that canon make each slightly large than the previous with more charge.

      the 32 gb card, depending on the record mode, can last from 2 to 6 hrs.

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      Thanks again.

      Any thoughts on the Canon Vixia HF R100?? I hear it has better Optical Zoom, but that’s about it. And the Zoom sounds like if it goes past 15x, it starts to distort.

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      And the Vixia HF M31 seems to do better in low light conditions, but does it have everything the HF200 has? I’ll check the Canon page now.

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      The HF M31 captures at 3.9 megapixels @1080×1920, while the HF r100 captures at 2.3 megapixels @ 1080×1920. However, The HF200 captures @ 3.89 megapixels @ 1080×1920. If you have a budget I would stick with the HF200. But that’s just my opinion. I saw a few online retailers had them refurbished for 399. I own a refurb and t works just fine. No problems.

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      I’m now looking for a few accessories, and I was wondering if there any good lens hoods out there that protects the lens and also blocks out sun reasonably well??

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      Re: microphones, I have used both a Shure shotgun mic and a Zoom U2 field recorder with my HF 200 and my HF 10 with great sounding results when doing a multi camera shoot of a local play

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