Canon Mic for Vixia HF S21

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      We just bought a Canon Vixia HF S21 Camcorder. We wanted to buy an
      external microphone for it. The only one that Canon has is the DM-100,
      but it is out of stock every where including Canon. Canon forces you to
      use their equipment with this camcorder, so we are kind of stuck. Are
      there any adapters that will allow us to use other external microphones
      with this camcorder. I have read a little about cold shoe adapters, but
      don’t know a whole lot about them.

      Thank You

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      This is an interesting question. I thought my Sony was the only proprietary type camera out there (use OUR products, only). Sorry I don’t have input for you but I, too, am insterested in hearing what others say.

      I bought some Sony products for mine but ended up using a separate digital recorder with external mics for most stuff.

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      Nope – is the short answer, I have the HFS10 (awesome camera) with the same issue!!

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      According to Canon you have a stereo mini-jack ( You should be able to hook up an external mic from anyone (I hear good things about the Rode VideoMic) that provides the same type of jack.

      I have used external microphones with several “consumer” grade videocameras using this same input jack.

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      What brands are not proprietary like that with consumer-grade camcorders? Anyone know of any where you can use various products, such as Azden mics?

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      I have the Canon HF10 and use the Rode VideoMic that Birdcat mentioned and it works very well for filming interviews as well as musical performances.

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