Canon HV30 x HF10 x HF100

Anonymous (not verified)

Hey Guys!

I am doing some research to buy a new Camcorder, and i found the Canon HV30, HF100, and HF10 with really good price at

I really like the reviews about the HV30, with all of them stating that the camera makes wonderful videos and etc..

My mom (Yes! I am a teenager trying to be a video maker! :] ) is always telling that tape is a thing from the past.... so this make me wonder: it is worth buy the Hv30...??

For what i read, the HF10 and HF100 are the same thing, but the HF10 has a 16GB internal that right?? If so, isnt it worthier to buy an HF100 + a 16GB (or Larger) Memory card??

And if you guys know any other (not-so-expensive) camcorder (like under $1,000), please, help me with the search :)

Thanks for all the help!


P.S: The HV30 is a Prosumer Camcorder right?? If so, I would like to buy an prosumer camcorder (Yes! I will share the camcorder with my family) under $1000...Any opinions??