Canon HV30 x HF10 x HF100

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      Hey Guys!

      I am doing some research to buy a new Camcorder, and i found the Canon HV30, HF100, and HF10 with really good price at

      I really like the reviews about the HV30, with all of them stating that the camera makes wonderful videos and etc..

      My mom (Yes! I am a teenager trying to be a video maker! :] ) is always telling that tape is a thing from the past…. so this make me wonder: it is worth buy the Hv30…??

      For what i read, the HF10 and HF100 are the same thing, but the HF10 has a 16GB internal memory…is that right?? If so, isnt it worthier to buy an HF100 + a 16GB (or Larger) Memory card??

      And if you guys know any other (not-so-expensive) camcorder (like under $1,000), please, help me with the search πŸ™‚

      Thanks for all the help!


      P.S: The HV30 is a Prosumer Camcorder right?? If so, I would like to buy an prosumer camcorder (Yes! I will share the camcorder with my family) under $1000…Any opinions??

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      Also look at – they have lots of great reviews.

      The HV30 is actuall rated #1

      but then I also saw a good review of the HD1010.

      You have to be careful though since many video editing programs don’t suport the AVCHD format that many of the new cameras have.

      Neither of these are Prosumer cameras – just expensive consumer cameras.

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