Canon HV30, Opinions?!?

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      I have a chance to buy a Canon HV30 in excellent condition for $510.00. I like all the reviews I have read on this camera, and wanted to see if this sounds like a good deal. If anyone has them, what is your opinion of them?

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      what are you using it for? Home video stuff or is video your means of making money. This camera is fine for personal use, but if you plan on using video to make money, then buy a prosumer or professional camera.

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      Now there’s an HV40. Primarily, that topic has been covered here and elsewhere in abundance. A simple search should get you all the input you need. The price is reasonable. The camera line is excellent. Tape will be a thing of the past sooner rather than later, but probably should last for the perceived lifetime of your Canon. Were it not for the higher priced, but better features, Panasonic, JVC and other models going to hard drive, DVD and especially memory card (SDHC) medium, I’d go with an HV30/40.

      Keep in mind that this camera will do a great job for most basic production needs, but does not stack up to the $3-$6K models and their various professional capabilities including CMOS/CDD (CDD remains preferred IMHO) size and 3 vs 1, audio in/out capabilities, manual adjustment for audio visual levels, etc.

      No, never got around to purchasing one, but have had some hands-on experience and it was good. Beyond that, do the search here and elsewhere to read more.

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      I run a small side business doing video production and have for the past 6-7 years. Have done everything from sports videos,a few tv commercials, weddings, etc. A lot of what I do is editing what other people bring to me, especially on the sports team and individual video projects. Can’t justify spending a ton of money right now. Actually, I have completeda few TV spots with a Sony minidv TRV33 that came out surprisingly good. With a lot of time to get the lighting and focus just right, they actually came out better than most all of the local tv spots the local CBS affiliate has done, but I realize the even with the extra effort, a better camera would have made them much better. Just want to upgrade to a better camera. If I ever opt to move into this fulltime, I would definitely look at higher end models, but just can’t justify it right now. It sounds like the HV would do what I need for now.

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