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      I need help transferring video onto my computer in HDV format. I hook my camera up via the firewire cable, and nothing pops up. My computer doesn’t recognize that the HV20 is connected unless I switch the recording format to regular DV. Windows Movie Maker doesn’t let me transfer video in HDV, only DV. Can you guys let me know what software I’d have to purchase to be able to transfer the video in the HDV format like it should already be able to? Thanks.

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      First, are you sure you’re using a Firewire cable and not the cable that came with the HV20? Oh and I edit with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, which I love and will capture HDV natively. Many here love Sony Vegas, which is a great program as well.

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      I downloaded Sony Vegas and for some reason it doesn’t let me transfer HDV video. What are the steps I have to take in order to do it so it works? Thanks for helping me out by the way.

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      I went to best buy yesterday and they recommended Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0. Will this work? Once you open the software its non returnable so I want to be 100% sure it will work before I go out and spend 100.00 on a program.

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      Does your computer have enough graphics card to handle HD?

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      I have Canon HV20 camera, and I transfer HDV video to computer
      using Firewire cable.
      Software depends on computer and operating system.
      If you have new computer with Windows Vista it should have drivers and
      Windows Movie maker or other standard program that supports HVD cameras.
      If you have Windows XP you may have some problems with drivers.
      Turn on camera, and connect Firewire cable with Windows XP running.
      You may have to try connect and disconnect a few times.
      The system should pick up new device plugged in and find drivers for it.
      You may need administrator permissions on a computer for that.
      To transfer video I use free program CapDVHS
      You can download it for example from english-font-optimised version of "CapDVHS v0.3.0.6".
      The download-link (
      read also forum
      the video is saved as MPEG2 HD transport stream file that you can edit with any video software
      or play if you have MPEG2 player if your computer is fast enough (about 2.8 GHz).
      You may use for example free Elecard video player.
      For example, I made a few HDV video clips with Canon HV20 camera, than transferred video
      to PC, edited, deinterlaced, and encoded with Windows Media Enoder Pro
      and uploaded few clips that you can see on HD web site

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