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      Its my first post here = )
      Im a surf photographer looking to get in to video
      I was looking @ the HV10 as a possible option (i like canon)
      and also would a sony VCL-HG2037Y lense fit this camcorder?

      Mahalo for the help!

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    I have 1 other question are ther really HD lens?

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    Well, sort of.

    A lens, converter, or whatever, is really just a set of glass pieces held together in a metal cylinder. The allignment, color, or surface of the glass in the cylinder will affect the light that hits your CCD’s, and therefore, alter your image.

    The thing to remember is that glass, like diamonds, comes in varying degrees of quality. On the surface, glass might look the some on a HD lens or converter as it would on a SD lens or converter, but if you could take a closer look, you would see that glass varies wildly, and this sffects the quality of yur final product.

    A lens made for High Def cameras will undoubtedly use a superior quality glass, and give you a better picture, even on a SD camera. (Note that an HD lens won’t "convert" a Standard camera to High Def. You’re limited by your CCD in terms of picture resolution.) So yes, there are varying degrees of lenses. As a rule of thumb, avoid buying the cheaper, less known brands for your lenses and converters if you can avoid it. Stick with proven performers who use the best glass quality.

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    Hey, the Canon HV10 is a dynamic piece of equipment. The ONLY drawback is its audio capture. While it sounds very nice within 20′, there are no aux. mic inputs to allow another audio pickup source, like a boom mike and such. I have been VERY impressed by the capbilities of the camera. I also use a Cokin A series set of filters on it and they do not impede the auto focus system. For a landscape photo., this allows for the gradient filters to work very well.

  • Viewing 3 reply threads
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