Canon HF200 HDMI to Sony TV?

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      Any experience with connecting Canon HF200 to Sony TV by HDMI? I am getting “no signal.” Camera plays back through its own LCD, and through component inputs. Any help?

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      Are you sure that the TV is set for input on the correct HDMI port? I’ve nearly swore that there was a TV problem numerous times when the TV was set to a different input than that of which the RCAwires were connected.

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      I have the same issue connecting my HF200 to my Samsung TV. The video is playing on both built-in LCD and via component but not thru HDMI. I also get the No Signal error. Any suggestions? TIA!

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      HDMI and Component Video, at this point,are one of the many HD communications which I’ve never had to deal with. I’m still shooting SD… don’t even own a flat panel TV other then a few 17″ Dell monitors around the house. Are you sure that your play tests are being done in VCR (Playback) mode? Due to a special trend in the camcorder’s firmware settings, it may not be capable of outputting HDMI of the camera is not in its proprietary VCR/Playback mode.

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      I’ve just bought the HF200 UK Model and have the same issue connecting to 2 HDTVs, one is a Panasonic and the other is a Samsung.

      There doesn’t appear to be anything helpful in the manual, apart from plug the cable into camcorder and TV !!. I can get a picture via AV connections and on the camcorder’s LCD screen.

      Thanks in advance for any solution.

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      I have a slight problem with the HF200 , cos for some reasons , when i
      hooked it up with the HDMI cable ( the mini-hdmi to normal hdmi) the LG
      tv recingised it being plugged in but it didnt get a signal. It can only
      be play on its lil LCD screen

      First thing came to my mind is damn the TV is messed up, but when I try
      others HDMI devices on the tv with the same port it is all fine.

      Then I thought, well must be the HDMI port on the HF200 is messed up,
      took it upstair hook it up with another LG HD tv and guess what ! it is
      running perfectly fine with no problems , stunning sound and everything

      So now I kinda diagnosed that it is not the TV problem nor the HF200

      a bit of extra information, the LCD HD tv that didnt work with HF200 is
      47LH3000 , and the one compatible with is LG M227WD

      did anyone get a solution for that?

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