Canon HF10/HF100?

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      I am looking into buying a second, smaller camera to take with me to travel. I would really prefer and non-tape, hd camcorder. The canon HF10/HF100 stood out to me because of their mic/headphone jacks (even though I plan to use this for travel/family events I’m afraid I might like too much so I want to make sure it is somewhat adaptable to professional situations). Anyway, my question to those of you who have used this camera is about the color. Do you think the single CMOS produces a good image, or should I get an JVC everio or a panasonic 3 chip? I’ve always had 3 ccd cameras and am a bit weary of purchasing a single chip camera, but the reviews seem to be great (though I haven’t found one that compares the canon to three chip camera.) Any input is appreciated! Thanks!


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