Canon HF100 to TV while recording

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      I’m not at home right now, or I’d just try this myself instead of posting this question here:

      I have a Canon HF100. A friend of mine and I are going to try recording some video of puppet performers. One of the performers asked if it’s possible for us to connect a tv/monitor to the camera’s HDMI or Video Out, and place the tv/monitor where the performers will be located, so that they can see what the camera is recording as they perform (they will be hidden behind some scenery). So–will a basic consumer-type camera like the HF100 display ‘video out’ to a TV or monitor WHILE IT’S RECORDING? I KNOW from reading the manual that the camera connects to an HDTV or regular tv for playback. But will it send signal to the tv while recording? Thanks for any insight/information…

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      In an attempt to build a camera jib for my <span id=”btAsinTitle”>Panasonic HDC-SD9, I was toying with, and able to, display on a portable DVD player what the camera was seeing, usingthe playeras a remote “viewfinder”. I was able to do pretty much anything the remote allowed me to, to record, zoom, and navigate menus and play back the recording as well. I can’t see Canon being much different.</span>

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      Thanks. I hadn’t thought of using a portable DVD player as the remote viewfinder/monitor. I’ll give it a try!

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