Canon HF100 SD Card Error

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      I am not sure where to post this question but here goes:

      Our crew shot 38 takes of an episode from our Canon HF100 to a 16gb SanDisk SD card. I put the card into it’s reader and transferred the .mts files onto our computer. No problems. We shot another 40’ish takes of another episode and even used the in-camera playback to see how things were looking. Again, no problems. We removed the SD card, put it into the reader…none of the new files showed up. I put the card BACK in the camera to see the files in playback and all of the new episodes were “thumbs” were question marks and could not be played back (the first 38 scenes were still there and fine). I went back to record mode and recorded a little sample. It was also a question mark in the playback mode BUT I could play the file in playback just fine. I put the card back in the reader and the new sample clip was there. The files went from 1-38.mts and skipped to 78.mts (the new sample clip I took).

      I double checked the properties of the drive and verified that all of the memory that I thought should have been used up in the clips was accounted for…it was. Then I double check the “stream” folder that holds the .mts clips and propertied showed that 1/2 of the data (2.5 gb in this case) were NOT accounted for in the folder…it was probably there but unreadable I assume?

      Does anyone have any experience with this? Can the data be mined from the SD card? Is it a faulty SD card or potentially a camera issue? Any thoughts or advise (other than buy a REAL camera) would be appreciated! Thanks!


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