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      I am purchasing a camera for the first time and after hours of research I’m finally down to choosing between the Canon HV 30 and HF100. It seems that either camera would be great in terms of picture quality and the audio issues with the HV30 can be dealt with by using an external mic. My questions have to do with editing. Since I will be shooting things that will require a great deal of editing AND I will be learning this as I go, I am looking for the best way to go. I don’t have very much experience with this.

      I have read numerous things in regards to editing and I’m quite confused. I have been told that using tape will take a long period of time to upload to my computer prior to editing(one hour of shooting will take one hour to upload). On the other hand, I have read that the HF100 will take even longer, maybe up to three times the amount of material (One hour of shooting will take three hours to upload), Is this accurate???

      Also, I have read that editing will be more difficult with the HF100 than with the HV30. Is this true??? It would seem to me that once the material is uploaded editing would be similiar whether it came from tape or a memory stick. Am I wrong with this???

      So, as a beginner in this field and being someone that will be learning the shooting and editing aspects to all of this any thoughts on my questions would be greatly appreciated.

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