Canon HF100 - AVCHD format vs. Editing Software and performance

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I am going crazy here. I am pinned to the floor!

I think I put myself not only the bleeding edge of software technology- but on its very sharp sword tip!

Pulling the blade out of its sheath
Bought a Canon HF100 - Loved the camera - size, picture, quality - extra features - no tape required! (Wow)

Running my finger across the blade
Got a nasty cut - when I found out my editing software (Avid Liquid 7.2) would not edit AVCHD format.

Riding the tip of the blade while hurdling to the floor
Started my search on the Internet - looking for video editing software that would work natively with AVCHD format. Received disappointing results in my search and trials- (jerky video, freezes, loooong convesion times, limited editing) - tried software from Sony, Pinnacle, Corel with similar disappointing results. I even considered Adobe with poor results for a while(came to conclusion, way to expensive and complicated - plus - software suffers from "window's "pop-disease" - got to pop open a new window everytime you want todo something- they should be paying me to use it!). Even tried conversion software to convert AVCHD to a usable format -still no satisfaction.

Nowhere I am,pinned to the floor with the bleeding edge of technology through my body - waiting for AVCHD video editing software that works natively with the AVCHD format with no jerks, freezes and stops.

QUESTION: Can or has anyone (who is not affiliated with a manufacturer - I'm looking for real life user) had proven success (with great performance and no glitches)with your Video Editing software (or conversion software) which works natively with AVCHD fileswith speed, accuracy and knock-your-socks-off performance? If so, please, share with me thesoftware, the PC you are using and the configuration. I am loosing blood fast - help heal a poor soul who needs you success to keep going!

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Isee you tried Sony already, but you didn't say which software you tried, Vegas Pro or Vegas Movie Studio. I have edited AVCHD a little bit, but the computer my boss had at the time wasn't quite powerful enough, so we switched to shooting only SD footage.

We used a PC running Windows XP (Home Edition, I believe) with Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum.My experience tells me that thelatest version of Sony Vegas Pro (version 8) should have no problems at all. Windows Vista didn't work very well with Vegas for most people i've talked to - including me.

NOTE: If you only tried a demo version of the software, that is basically asking for trouble. Also, Vegas works differently from other software, so it would probably be very easy to mess yourself up that way if you only know Avid. Vegas, for instance doesn't import footage the same way other software does. This is aconcern if you're using AVCHD in my opinion. I personally love Vegas.

Let us know if you still need help with something, and good luck. chris