Canon HF S21 vs Panasonic TM700

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      It is with dismay that I read the Canon HF S21 was rated the best memory card camcorder for 2010.

      Looking at its specsagain it is evidently a great camcorder. However, there must be a great many members, myself included,that wouldhave given the nod to the Panasonic TM700 instead.

      Is it unfair to request from Videomaker’s editors and reviewers to expand on their decision?

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      I suspect that this is somewhat of a Ford vs Chev debate.I was looking for a new camera and after looking at both the Panasonic and the Canon for months, I opted for the CanonHF S21.The two main factors were1) the large clear LCD, and2) it was a Canon – all my previous cameras were Canons. Oh, I also liked the optics and large lens.

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      It’s not whether you’re using itor not, but what you’re using it for.

      The TM700’s better in low light, stabilization, and prolike operation in general, but the Canon’s simpler, and has better optics. I say go for the Panasonic.

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