Canon HF-M31 Vixia Camcorder, good for beginner?

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      I have had a JVC Analog (1997) Camcorder, and after all these yearsa, I’m trying to transfer all my C tapes to DVD. I bought the Pinnacle 12.1 Studio, and although when I capture my AVI movie files from mt Canon G6 digital camera shooting at hi res, they are ok, far better of course than any reproduction of a analog VHS, VSH-C tapes, granted. Would this Canon camcorder br alright for a begiinner delving into the digiatal transfer to make DVD’s to play on CD/DVD Players and BluRay players? I was shocked to find that a 20 minute DVD disc I made on studio 12.1, would actually playback on my SONY BDP-350!

      When the first HDD Camcorders came out, they were popular, but now with the bigger flash Cam-cameras, Using a HDD bouncing around on a boat, is not a stable environment for a hard drive,and they could and have crashed, just like a computer, I would assume.

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      As a beginner, the only complaint I would have is that it records exclusively in AVCHD format, which is a burden even to fast computers.

      It’s been slow on my machine, but I’ve worked with 1080p60 images. Your system/editing software may handle it, but then again, it may not – I would get a Multicore. Pinnacle 12.1 Studio alone won’t handle AVCHD, but the plus version will.

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