Canon GL2, XL1, XL1S, or…?

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      I’d like to get a decent camera and learn to make some
      documentary type videos. Being a poor boy I’m looking
      at older used models. Since I’ll be doing some shooting
      of lakes and wildlife a strong zoom would be best, so to
      begin with I decided on a GL2. But that has no XLR inputs,
      so what would be needed to use external mics? Would it be
      better to pay a few hundred dollars more for a used XL1?
      How much performance difference is there between an XL1
      and an XL1S?

      Thank you for any advice or suggestions!

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      I used to have a GL2. Awesome zoom, especially with a 2x telephoto lens from Century Optics.

      You would need a BeachTek XLR adapter for the GL2. Check

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