Canon Gl2 – repair or ripped off?

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      In january I sent in a GL2 for repair – the problem had gotten worse to the point that it would not even turn on any more. Whenever I put a tape in it would immediatly respond with a eject tape error. It would not record any more because it would not accept the tape. Cleaning it would only buy me a couple of recordings or plays before it would begin the eject tape error again. I sent it in, the Canon repair place charged me 252.72 and after I recieved it back I was credited 190.00 back to my card and the repair sheet simply said that I was charged for 1 hour on the bench – 62.50 Thirty days ago I sent my other GL2 in, it was beginning to act like the other one but not nearly as bad. I could still record with it, and even play tapes on it, but the problem was in the rewind, it would rewind 50% of the time, I usually got the eject tape error with it. So I decided to send it in. Once again the canon repair shop charged my card 252.72 and repaired it. This time I did not recieve any money back but was charged the entire 252.72 and the repair sheet stated that the housing was so jammed that it had to be replaced. I contacted the repair place and after spending almost an hour on the phone being passed around I finally got a supervisor who stated that he would have to investigate the claims and get back with me in a day or two. It has been a week and I have not recieved a call back from them. I believe that they know they have been caught at pulling a repair scam and have nothing to investigate and hence the no call back. The reason that they did not believe no one would catch it is that I sent one from work and the other from home, which meant the two cameras seemed not to have any connection.

      Any suggestions of what to do at this point with this situation? Is the Authorized Canon Repair factory a part of Canon or just a place that does thier repairs?

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      Wel hi i have an Canon gl2 ..i have a promlem recording and play back …it seems to Record but when i will playback nottig recordss

      please help …

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      I’d start with a high quality Canon or Sony tape cleaner and/or take it to a local shop that will do a thorough cleaning.

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