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      I own a canon gl2. I used a panasonic in film school and not my gl2 so im kinda in the dark with my gl2. My question is how can I make it look like film. I need to know how to set my camcorder to film in 24fps. Basically how can I set my camera up to look like film?

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      Sorry Cody, the GL2 does not natively record in 24fps.
      If you want your footage to look more like film, other than lighting, I would say having a shallow depth of field helps produce that look.

      You can do this in two ways: Aperture size, and focal length.
      Most likely you learned about this in film school, a longer focal length and lower f-stop create a shallow depth of field.

      If you want an even narrower depth of field, you might want to look into 35mm adapters. Here’s a youtube video of a somewhat typical consumer camera (the sony HC1) with a letus 35mm SLR lens adapter.

      Letus sells 35mm lens adapters, but there are some site that say how to build them yourself for around $300.

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      Everything SpencerStewart said it correct. You could also try to shoot your projects more film-like as well. for instance, do more dolly shots rather than zoom. You can shoot in widescreen with the GL2, but it’s not native 16×9, so i wouldn’t recommend it. I would just shoot 4×3 and use the 16×9 guides so you can letterbox the image in post. Also, in post you can lower the black levels and push the saturation to create a more film-look. Shooting 24p isn’t the only thing to make your video look film-like. In my opinion, it would be the least of my worries.

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