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      I have a Canon GL2 camcorder and I need to purchase an audio adapter so I can use XLR cables with my mics. I was looking at getting the MA300 adapter. I guess I just wanted some peoples advice on weather this is a good product or not. I already have the camera and have two mics with xlr outputs, I just need a good way to connect the two. I was also hoping to find the cheapest way to do this with out having really bad audio. Thanks for your help.

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      The MA-300 is a hot shoe-mounted XLR adapter. I’ve used the MA-200 for the XL1s for years and the tech between the two isn’t much different. The 300 gives you two XLR inputs and the unit functions through the hot shoe. Since it’s a canon product, the 300 will work seamlessly with your GL2. It’s a little pricey though for such a small unit ($164 and change @ BH photo-video) but that depends on how much you’re willing to spend. There are other audio adapters that mount under the camera that have 2 or more inputs, but will cost more especially if you want to use phantom power to operate your mics.

      Camcorder XLR Adapters

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      Thank you for the input!

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