Canon GL2 16:9 vs 4:3 resolution

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      So I’ve been researching this and I’m still stumped.
      I’m shooting a short film in a few weeks.
      I’m going for the widescreen look. This film is mostly going to be shown online and on dvd.

      I’m using the GL2 primarily and I’m curious what will give me more resolution if any, do I shoot with 16×9 mode on, or shoot 4×3 then add black bars later?

      From what Im reading 16×9 on a GL2 isnt "true".

      Also in my editing package I’m curious if ill have to set the project to 16×9 or not.

      Let me know if you have any info,


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      Unfortunately the GL2 does not record native 16:9. πŸ™ For the widescreen look I would record 4:3 using the 16:9 guides that the camera includes (two horizontal red lines on the top and bottom). Then, when you edit in post, you can letterbox or crop your footage.

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