canon Gl1 or 3ccd

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      Anyone have a GL1 laying around because I really love to film in cant really afford a GL. My mom and dad are broken up so its hard on my mom to get me a camera that costs so much and I wanna fulfill my dreams of becoming a filmier and make videos for whoever to see. I always wish sometimes what if I had a camera or will filming help me get into college. I’ve been volunteering for about 2 years now in was hoping god would bless me. I’ve been searching the web for about a year now searching through myspace classified and newspapers and even websites but still no luck. I no life is not fair but all it takes is one answer to change a persons life. so if you have one and are willing to donate it to me message me…This might be a ridiculous question to some filmer’s but just do not leave bad comments thank you

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      ummmm i think if you save and go on ebay and other classifieds and stuff you can probably get a gl1 for about 500 if you try really hard

      …its really unlikeley to get a camera for free on the internet because most people think ur scamming people so i guess trying to bargain couldnt hurt

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      Son, I sincerley hope nobody else responds to this type of request, for your sake. A sob story and a hand out is no way to get anywhere in life.

      I would not not consider it to be in your best interest to give you a camera.

      If your mother knew that you were (digitally) panhandling, it would break her heart.

      I know life ain’t fair (perhaps, better than most) .

      When I was twelve I started my first business. I cut grass. I didn’t own a lawnmower.

      I had started trying to help out an old man neighbour who was clearly having mobility problems. I’d offered to cut his grass for him for free. He kept offering to pay me and I realized it was hurting his pride to take charity. So I started out my saturday with his lawn then borrowed his mower, with a full tank of gas and went out and cut several more lawns. Returned his mower and thanked him for helping me make a bunch (to me) of money.

      I’m not even suggesting you should be offering to work for a videographer….just get off your butt and go cut grass if you have to.

      Good luck, I hope someday you realize, good advice is more valuable than a good camera.

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