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      I would like to try making a documentary about a lake, so will want
      to get some ambient sounds sometimes. I’ll also want to be interviewing
      people, so will need to mic them. It seems like it would be best to
      avoid using the camera’s mic completely if possible, so as not to get
      sounds from the recording and/or zoom mechanisms etc mixed in with things
      I actually want to record. Is the best thing to get a little 2-4 channel
      audio mixer, and monitor volume with headphones out of the camera? If so,
      what sort of mics to use, and where and how to place them? What about
      power for everything? Can the mixer be hooked up to the camera in such a
      way that different mics are layed down on different tracks to edit later?
      How to disable the camera’s mic?

      Thanks for any help,

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      If you are going to interview people, you want to do one person at a time. So I don’t see why you would need more than a 2-channel adapter(but maybe one day you will need more, who knows). Monitoring with headphones is perfect.

      For an interview, it’s best to use a wired lavalier mic and clip it on their chest area. So it’s best if the subject wears a button-up shirt. You can clip it to their collar, but it’s ugly and not optimal. Avoid using wireless mics; they should be a last resort.

      As far as powering the adapter, I’m not sure. I think they’re battery powered, but I could be wrong. I’ve never used one before. Look into purchasing a BeachTek adapter. They seem to be popular.

      If you are recording more than 2 tracks, I’m not sure if they will be separate when you record to tape. I don’t think tape records more than 2 channels. I’ve never recorded more than 2 channels either, so I could be wrong about that too. But if you do successfully record more than 2separatechannels, you should be able to edit each one individually in your NLE

Viewing 1 reply thread
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