Canon GL-2 Sound

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Hi everyone! I have a question, whenever I plug an xlr mic into my Canon MA-300, which is attached to my Canon GL-2. I get only one channel of audio. The same thing happens when I plug my Zoom H2 (via line out) to my GL-2. Is this the norm or am I doing something wrong. I have scoured the GL-2 Manual and cant seem to get a good answer.

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I had a XM2 which I believe is a PAL equivalent of the GL-2. The external mic socket requires a 1/8 stereo plug to be plugged into it with the ring and tip being the "hot" and the sleeve the cold or shield. If you plug a 1/8 mono plug into it you will only record on the left channel. If you change the plug on your external device to a stereo plug you need to common up the tip and ring connections.

Cheers Ian

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Hi RC,

I still hang on to my GL2 and still love it even though I haven't used it much in a few years. On the XLR adapter you will have a left and right channel. You can go to a XLR splitter cable like this one

and fill both channels or you will just have the one channel on tape. In post you just fill for the other channel when using the adapter.

Can't say about the H2, I use a H4n a lot but you might look at the cable or output for that.