Canon GL-2 or HF-11?

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      Might be odd, but which is in image quality, the pro, but SD format GL-2, or the consumer grade, but HD format Vixia HF-11? I’m a total noob on videography and I don’t know much about transfer techniques and editing yet. I want to learn how to properly shoot videos so I could make decent promotional travel DVDs and maybe make privately made documentaries.

      And also, is Canon better than Sony??? ; D


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      I own a GL2 and I’m very happy with it.

      Unfortunately it’s SD format is getting a bit old, but still almost all videographers

      eventually burn to a regular DVD which is SD.

      You don’t say what your budget is, but I’d invest in a cheaper camera and learn the ropes first

      then invest in a more professional camera. HD also needs a better computer for processing.


      and read everything they say.

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      I have used a GL2 for several years, and love it. It works perfectly for SD video targeted for DVDs and the web. I love the long lens (I shoot from high up in sports stadiums) and quality.

      Irecently bought the HF10 and ran into problems because I jumped the gun! I love the camera and its video, but I wasn’t prepared for the computer/software upgrades needed to edit the avchd footage. And then once you have the edited footage, you run into more upgrades needed to burn to disk. My suggestion: but the GL2 or other SD model. By the time you are ready to go hi-def, it will be cheaper and easier.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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