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      I have a 7 year old GL-2 that can no longer capture. The LCD and the eye piece looks like a green to magenta gradient. When I press record the magenta and green gradient is recorded. When I put in a pre-recorded tape it looks completely normal.

      If anyone has any ideas on what’s wrong, or how I can fix it, if it can be fixed, please respond.

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      From what you describe, your cam’s done. You might be able to send it to Canon for repair of the malfunctioning LCD and eyepiece, but it will probably cost more than the camera’s worth. Though they still sell GL2’s, Canon figures it’s cheaper for you to just buy another cam, preferably one of their newest models. If you look around, you might find a used one cheap. Otherwise, buying a new one is your best bet if you wish to continue using that particular model of camera.

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      What has this codec post got to do with the original Canon GL2 question ?

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      Brummie, just another astroturfer…so I bumped it off. Sorry, it was one that slipped through the cracks before I could get to it. Hope you are doing well.

      By the way folks, anybody who can get ahold of a working GL2 in decent shape for less than $2K and is looking to do SD as well as offering 16×9 aspect could do much worse IMHO. Still using my almost daily.

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      I have a Canon GL2 with a bunch of extras that I’m trying to sell but I haven’t had any luck through ebay or Craigslist. I’ve had the camera and equipment for about a year and the camera is still in excellent condition as I’ve only put on maybe 10-12 hours on it. I was asking for $1200-$1400 for it. Do I need to lower my price point more? I’ve got a Pelcan 1620 carrying case, Merkury optics titanium grade wide angle lens and a telephoto lens, lens filters, Sony wireless microphone system, and 3 extended life batteries, and a Canon camera mount light w/battery. I’ve tried B&H and I’m gonna lose money just shipping what I have to them, and they don’t even want everything. Does anyone know of any other possible solutions as to how or where I can sell my equipment? Also, I live in Houston, TX if that helps.

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      I wouldn’t sell to B&H. They’re going to lowball you since they’re going to want to make a profit when they sell it.

      I honestly don’t think your lenses are that valuable, but it’s nice that you have a Pelican case, some extra batteries, and a light. You’re wireless mics are probably useless now that the gov’t has taken a lot of frequencies…i think.

      I think you should be happy with $1000 for your set up. Post Craig’s List ad in other nearby cities for $1200 with the expectation of people trying to negotiate down to $1000. Someone will bite, just watch out for scams.

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      Personally I would just trade-in your Canon GL2 camera to and use the proceeds to purchase one of their used ones. Their used Canon GL2 is currently going for $1195.

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      I just purchased a Canon GL-2 on eBay, with a long list of extras, for $900.00. I e-mailed the seller with several questions and his answers convinced me this was a good, usable camera. I shopped eBay listings for the last several months and there are any number of GL-2s for sale at this price or lower.

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      <By the way folks, anybody who can get ahold of a working GL2 in decent shape for less than $2K and is looking to do SD as well as offering 16×9 aspect could do much worse IMHO. Still using my almost daily>

      Damn and I just sold my GL2 in mint condition for $600 Cdn and I mean mint condition. No wonder she came armed with cash.

      Ah well I needed to soften the blow for the XH A1s purchase πŸ™‚

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      Still use my GL2s all the time. Would love to move to HD but not sure about the XF models and their cmos sensors. For SD the GLs are good.

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      Hi. Im a GL-2 newbie. I just picked one up for $500 and would like advice on where to go for good GL-2 gossip/communication/advice. I hope I’m here already.

      Since it was used and it came with a Panasonic ME tape, I assume I should continue with the same brand and type (except all I can find are AME tapes…I hope that is okay).

      I live in Corvallis, Oregon–far away from production companies that might actually give videography seminars–so, I’m looking for good online tutorials. Any suggestions?

      Battery question–the one that came with the camera holds its charge for just a bit over an hour. I expect a good 2 hour battery to hold a charge for 1.5 (with display screen on). Are there recommended brands I ought to look for or just go for whatever fits the ol’ vid-cam? (and, what brands should I stay away from) (can you say?)

      I’m filming my first wedding tomorrow (11-11-11 at 11:00am). Wish me luck!

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